Master Flash® Products

Aztec Washer Company’s Master Flash® Products Are Made Of Epdm Or High-temperature Silicone. These Roof Pipe Flashings Are Compounded Specifically For Maximum Resistance To Weathering Due To Ozone And Ultraviolet Light.

Features Include:

  • Easy On-site Customization Fast, One-piece Construction Allows For Easy On-site Installation Is Usually 5 Minutes. 
  • Base Flexibility The Base Is Designed To Form A Seal On Most Panel Configurations And Roof Pitches Regardless Of Pipe Location.
  • From The Smallest To The Largest Pipe Range Available.
  • Pipe Diameters Can Be Seen Clearly For A Proper Pipe Fit.
  • Ozone And Uv Protection These Flashings Are Made Of Epdm Rubber And High Temp Silicone And Are Designed For Maximum Resistance To All Weather Conditions.