Res-Lead Master Flash®

For applications on shingle, tile and other residential roofing applications.

Made of EPDM rubber or high temp silicone

Environmentally safe acrylic coated Lead base

The built-in 20° pitch allows adaptability to almost any roof pitch including 45°

Four sizes

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  • The built-in 20° pitch allows adaptability to almost any roof pitch including 45° The pull tab design and easy smooth tear grooving is intended to eliminate razor knives and allow for a circular hole Easily used on Shingles, Tiles and other residential roofing.  
  • Marked with dimensions to allow for easy sizing to fit each individual application. The aluminum panel allows the pipe boot flashing to conform to any panel configuration and/or roof pitch. 
  • 4 sizes (Mini, #1, #2, #3)
  • Fits: Closed Top to 18” (0 to 457mm) Pipes 
  • Base: Mini 16” X 19-1/4” (410 X 490mm)
    #1 20” X 24” (508 X 609mm)
    #2 26” X 30” (660 X 762mm)
    #3 35” X 35” (889 X 889mm) 
  • Weather Protection Made of Black or Gray EPDM Rubber or High Temp Red, Gray Silicone, these flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light.  
  • The environmentally safe acrylic-coated Lead base panel allows the pipe boot flashing to conform to any panel configuration and/or roof pitch.  
  • Made from an EPDM that is resistant to ultraviolet rays, cracking & weathering and is fire retardant.


EPDM 70 hour @ 500 pphm • SILICONE 70 hour @ 500 pphm


Tested to

Intermittent EPDM +135°C (+275°F) • Silicone +260°C (+500°F)

Continuous EPDM +100°C (+212°F) • Silicone +225°C (+437°F)


EPDM – 55°C (-67°F) • Silicone – 74°C (-101°F)COMPRESSION SET Maximum… EPDM 25% • Silicone 50%