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Solar Multi-Port LD Master Flash®

Designed for residential shingle or clay tile roofs

Made of EPDM rubber or high temp silicone

The soft safe lead base is designed to form easily to clay tile roofs regardless of pipe location.

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  • Four ports for cables or wires per flashing to accommodate copper pipe and electrical cabling  
  • A simple solution designed for residential roof applications. 
  • Available in black EPDM Rubber or High Temp Red Silicone which are both resistant to ultraviolet rays, cracking & weathering. 
  • Fits: Closed Top to 1-15/16” (0 to 49mm) Pipes
  • Small Ports: 1/64” to 3/8” (1 to 9mm)
  • Medium Ports: 3/16” to 15/16” (4 to 23mm)
  • Base: 16” X 19-1/4” (410 X 490mm) Lead
  • The soft lead base is designed to form easily to clay tile roofregardless of pipe location. 

EPDM 70 hour @ 500 pphm • SILICONE 70 hour @ 500 pphm


Tested to

Intermittent EPDM +135°C (+275°F) • Silicone +260°C (+500°F)

Continuous EPDM +100°C (+212°F) • Silicone +225°C (+437°F)


EPDM – 55°C (-67°F) • Silicone – 74°C (-101°F)COMPRESSION SET Maximum… EPDM 25% • Silicone 50%